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The King Cobras are a Musical Trio from Long Island, NY that inject their venomous cocktail of Blues, Early Rock 'N' Roll, and Roots Music into the veins of Music Lovers Everywhere. White Nasty croons the audience with his sultry voice, mixing killer guitar tones and riffs, while Cheeseburger on Drums, and Tony Bologna on Bass, lay down the groove, hypnotizing the audience, making them want to "Shake a Tailfeather" all night long. The band has been together 11 years and has independently recorded and distributed 2 albums. The King Cobras have appeared on local and college radio and have amassed a large following. In September 2015, the band opened the show for "The Legendary Buddy Guy", at The Space Theater in Westbury, NY and received stellar reviews. Check out their website, slither down to a show, and "Like" them on Facebook
"Let the Music of The King Cobras Charm Your Soul"